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Usually, people just download the app and figure it out for themselves. We think you should do that, too.
Unless you’re the kind of person that needs all the information before they make a decision. In that case, just download CROWD after reading the following messages.


Here’s what your life is going to be like with CROWD:

You don’t have to worry about finding new places to go out, eat and drink. The same goes for all the exciting events and entertaining activities. Instead, you’ll receive tailor-made recommendations, based on your very unique taste, right from the phone in your hand.

You can also go for a treasure hunt on your own and dive into our huge database of events, activities and locations.
Either way, you’re going to find the right thing to do.

You’ll then be able to brag about the amazing stuff you found, when you add your friends to your Crowd (that’s what we call your group of friends).

Once you’re all together, you can start making plans with helpful features, like voting, that are already integrated into the chat. Beautiful stuff, if you think about it.


Keep an eye out for our curated lists to see what your favorite artist, blogger, or radio recommends for this week.

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of what CROWD is all about, download the app!

(And don't forget to invite all of your friends. Seriously. ALL OF THEM!)

CROWD V1.4, great update. The best one yet, ok? Yuuu-ge changes to the home screen. We know home screens. We have the best home screens. Everybody knows that.
What we’re trying to say is that we have a new home screen. Events and activities are now separated, which makes it way easier to discover the things you actually want to see.
There was a bug in V1.3 which kept some users from seeing the things for which they were searching. We fixed that because that's what we do.